For a limited time only, R Security Alarms are offering home and business owners the chance to upgrade their existing intruder alarm to a monitored system free of charge when you take out a maintenance & monitoring contract with us.*

Our monitoring station is manned 24/7 by fully trained and security-cleared operators who will be notified should an alarm activate. They will then be able to assess the situation (e.g. potential false alarms vs real intrusions) before calling you or your designated key holder(s).

There are many benefits of having a monitored system, including:

  • peace of mind when on holiday/at work/at night
  • potential reduced insurance fees
  • no need to rely on neighbours to intervene
  • reduces the need for security staff for businesses
  • 24/7 monitoring 365 days a year
  • you will be warned if you’re about to enter a premises where an intruder is present, keeping you from danger

If you would like to know more about our maintenance and/or monitoring contracts or to take advantage of this exclusive offer, please call us on  0151 727 6699 and we will be happy to help.

*Terms and Conditions
  1. R Security Alarms are offering a free upgrade to a monitored contract for intruder systems with the purchase of a maintenance and monitoring agreement.
  2. This offer applies to new customers or those who do not currently hold a monitoring agreement with R Security Alarms.
  3. Customers must take out a contract before 11:59pm on 31st March 2018 for the offer to apply.
  4. This offer is subject to a site survey to determine the condition/suitability of the existing system.
  5. Money saved on the cost of a monitored contract using this offer cannot be redeemed in any other form, such as a price reduction on the installation of a new system.
  6. Customers may choose not to accept this offer when taking out a maintenance contract if they so desire.
  7. R Security Alarms reserve the right to remove this offer at any time.
  8. All personal information collected and stored for the purposes of this offer shall be kept in strict confidentiality and only passed onto the relevant persons (such as staff at our monitoring station) in accordance with R Security’s privacy policy.

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