Halloween is a fun night for children but can be a frightful time for those who no longer enjoy the thrills of trick or treating. Here’s a few tips to stay safe this holiday.

Use Electric Tea Lights In Pumpkins


Although the juices inside the pumpkin prevent it from being flammable, unattended tea lights are very dangerous and should be treated the same as any other fire hazard.

Mini electric tea lights are available in many shops, are not a fire hazard, and may even last longer than a real flame.

There have also been many incidents in recent years of children’s costumes being set ablaze by standing too close to candles on Halloween. Be wary of potential flammable objects if your pumpkin uses an open flame outside.

If you do opt for candles, ensure that you have a fully-working fire detection system.

Store Pumpkins Inside

pumpkin inside

Vandals take pleasure in destroying other people’s property. On Halloween, this includes smashing pumpkins left outside houses.

If possible, store pumpkins on windowsills inside with the curtains open. This leaves them openly on display but safe from opportunist vandals.

If vandalism is high in your area, why not consider investing in a CCTV system from R Security Alarms?

Test Your Smoke Alarm

Smoke detector

When lighting pumpkins, particularly inside, never leave them unattended. Extinguish any flames if you need to leave the room and relight them on your way back in.

To ensure maximum safety, check your smoke detector before lighting pumpkins by holding down the test button and waiting to hear an alarm. If no alarm sounds, change the batteries or call your installer if batteries are not needed.

Use The Code

no visitors
Image courtesy of Cheshire Police

Halloween can be a very popular holiday for both children and adults. However, some residents choose not to participate in the tradition of trick or treating.

If you are welcoming to visitors on Halloween, decorate your house with pumpkins, spiders’ webs, streamers, etc. and show people that they are free to knock on your door. You can also download posters showing children that they are free to visit your home by clicking here (courtesy of Cheshire Police).

Should you prefer to be undisturbed this holiday, leave your house undecorated – showing children and accompanying adults that you do not wish to celebrate this holiday – or download a “no trick or treaters please” poster. Download the Cheshire Police poster here.

Move Wheelie Bins To A Secure Area


Halloween sees a spike in arson attacks in the UK, many cases caused by arsonists using residents’ wheelie bins as a fire container. Protect your property from an arson attack by moving your bins to a secured area that cannot be accessed by the public (e.g. a back garden or secured shed).

Move Any Tools Or Equipment


Criminals love Halloween as it is the perfect chance for opportunist crime.

Ensure that all tools and equipment are locked safely away (preferably inside the house rather than a shed) so that intruders don’t use them against you to attempt to enter your house while you’re distracted with trick or treaters.

Install a CCTV system on the outside of your property and include any outbuildings in your security system to ensure better protection.

Call 101 Or 999


The police forces and fire services in the UK are always on extra alert during Halloween due to the spike in anti-social behvaiour, vandalism, and fire incidents.

Should you feel intimidated at any point or are the unfortunate victim of vandalism, call 101 and your local police forced will be able to help.

If an incident is more serious or a fire has started (either accidentally or arson), call 999 immediately. However, only call for a true emergency. 999 calls increase by up to 20% on Halloween* so use 101 unless you require immediate attention.

*stats by West Yorkshire Police

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