Christmas is a time to celebrate being with family and having a well-earned break from the hard struggles of daily life. However, it is also a time where people become neglectful in everyday safety procedures. Here’s a few of our top tips to avoid your Christmas from being anything but merry.



Whether you have a real or artificial tree, be careful when decorating with fairy lights and other illuminated objects. Just as with regular electronics, these decorations can become overheated if left on for too long so only switch them on when you are in the room and never leave them on overnight.

Real trees should never be burned after usage, be it the needles or the wood. Have your tree removed/recycled instead. Check your local area for Christmas tree removal services.



Candles are a cosy way of lighting a room during dark evenings. However, remember that they are a naked flame and should be treated as such. Only light candles when an adult is present and keep them out of reach of children and pets. Always extinguish the flame when leaving the room – even just for a minute or two – and place them away from flammable objects (such as curtains and sofas) and in a place where they will not be knocked over.



Similar to candles, there is nothing more comforting than gathering round the fire on a cold winter night with a mug of hot chocolate. In order to keep the fireplace a safe environment for everyone, always use a fire gate. This will not only protect children and pets from getting too close but it will also reduce the risks of embers and sparks leaping out and causing further flames.

As before, never leave fires unattended and ensure that they are fully extinguished before heading off to bed.

Christmas Dinner


Arguably one of the most popular Christmas traditions is the family Christmas dinner. Nevertheless, oven fires are a sure way to put an early end to the festivities.

Ensure that your oven is cleaned regularly as grease and fat from previous cooking can very easily catch fire. Check your cooking regularly and turn off the oven immediately if your food begins to burn/smoke.

Although we all enjoy a good drink on Christmas Day, leave the alcohol until after the cooking is complete to guarantee that you’re on full alert.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke detector

As always, smoke alarms should be tested at least once a month. In order to reduce the chances of fires causing expensive damage or even fatalities, test your alarm at the start of December and on Christmas Eve.

From everyone at R Security Alarms, we wish you a Merry Christmas and remember that we are on call 365 days a year for our valued customers so you can have peace of mind even during the festive season.

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