Christmas is a time to celebrate being with family and having a well-earned break from the hard struggles of daily life. However, it’s also a time where break-ins are more likely to occur. In order to stay protected this Christmas, here’s a few of our top security tips.

Never leave the house without setting your alarm

Control panel

A good quality security system should be the first item on your list when considering home security at any time of the year, let alone at high-risk times such as Christmas.

Your system should be installed by trained professionals and maintained at least once a year. This not only will keep you at your safest, it will keep your insurance company happy too.

Never leave the house without setting your alarm system – even if only for a few minutes while you nip out to the shops – as criminals may watch your property at any time, waiting for you to leave. A break in can occur in less than 10 seconds so even a minute of unguarded property isn’t safe. Criminals expect you to not be home often during the festive season due to holidays, visiting family, and spending time with friends so always lock up, even during the day.

Close your curtains when your lights are on

dark house with lights on

A simple rule to follow is this: if it’s lighter inside the house than outside, keep curtains closed. This not only protects your privacy but it also ensures that no one can see your belongings.

At Christmas, criminals know that your house is likely to be filled with brand new goods and valuables. If they see these openly on display (even wrapped under the tree), you’re at a higher risk of being broken into.

Having your curtains closed means that criminals are likely to move on to the next house since they can’t assess whether it’s worth breaking in.

Invest in a CCTV system


This is an investment but one that will pay off. Modern CCTV systems include HD-quality recordings in both day and night vision. Placing these outside your premises will act as a visual deterrent for intruders as well as capturing their identity and actions should they manage to break in, making catching the criminal faster and more reliable.

Dispose of gift packaging properly

iphone box

You might think that Christmas Eve is the peak for burglaries but don’t ignore the risks up to New Year too. If you got a brand new iPhone or games console, their boxes clearly identify what came inside it. Leaving these out in the bins – even recycling – leaves you vulnerable to criminals. They are not below rummaging through waste to find out what you got your kids this year.

Remember to properly dispose of your packaging by tearing them up so that they’re unidentifiable, taking them to the tip, or burning them.

Secure any outbuildings

security systems

It is equally important to protect your outbuildings as it is to protect the main house. If an intruder is having difficulty breaking into your premises and they spot a garden shed or garage, they may find it easier to first enter into there and use the equipment that you’re storing (such as ladders and crowbars) to make entry into your home easier.

Make sure that your security system covers outbuildings as well where possible and always treat locking them at night with the same manner as you would your house.

Invest in a motion sensor light outside main entry points

motion light

Since Christmas is one of the darkest nights of the year, it’s a perfect opportunity for criminals to break in without being detected. They’re covered by the the night’s darkness and so have less to worry about when it comes to concealment.

By installing motion sensor lights outside main entry points, criminals will suddenly be displayed in a spotlight, being caught in the act. This is enough for most criminals to flee your premises in fear of being caught. Some may move to another entry point so it’s best to have more than one sensor where possible, especially if criminals can see that they’re also being recorded on CCTV when attempting entry.

From everyone at R Security Alarms, we wish you a Merry Christmas and remember that we are on call 365 days a year for our valued customers so you can have peace of mind even during the festive season.

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