It’s that time of year again when we’re thinking about our summer holidays. Whether it’s an all-inclusive two week resort or a traditional staycation, the warm weather tends to bring out the happiness in all of us.

However, this can also lead to neglect in home and property security that many homeowners and business owners do not consider to be important. Plenty of people make the decision to invest in a security system only after they have had a previous break-in. This is too late. Prevention of a break-in may seem a costly investment for some, but the long-term savings – both monetary and emotional – can be invaluable.

Ring of Steel

R Security Alarms present the idea of an impenetrable “Ring of Steel” surrounding your property. Consider a bird’s eye view of your premises and now picture all the potential break-in sites that an intruder may use to enter your property.

The Ring of Steel is a way to mentally picture the external security surrouning your premises. It works both for businesses and domestics, but the visuals in this article will focus on homeowners.

house plan view

If this is your home, there are many potential entry points, including the garage, the front door, or any upstairs and downstairs windows. Intruders also target outbuildings, like sheds, where tools may be available to assist in the break-in (such as ladders, bolt cutters, hammers, etc.) so do not neglect the security of these either.

Security lighting

house flood lights

Security lights are more a deterrent than anything else but is still a key part of the Ring of Steel. Strategically placed security lighting throws intruders into a strong beam of light, making them visible to anyone looking out to your premises (e.g. neighbours), yourself, or your CCTV cameras if the night-vision is of a lower quality.

By placing security lighting over primary entrance points, it places potential intruders into a moment of panic. Many will likely flee if they believe that someone will spot them.


house cctv

CCTV is becoming a popular choice among homeowners in particular and provides the second part of the Ring of Steel.

They can work in partnership with your security lighting by capturing the footage of an intruder who has activated it, or they can work independently as modern technology rapidly develops.

Smart CCTV systems can now be connected to your smart mobile device or computer so that you can view any images at any time from any location (internet access required).

The latest technology will further enhance the external Ring of Steel by allowing you to create a virtual line around your premises. Some systems may register you opening your window as an intruder, yet no one has attempted to gain access from the outside. Now, systems will register an intrusion instead when this virtual line is crossed. For example, you may not be interested that a car has used your driveway to briefly turn around but you would want to know that a person has gone further and is trying to gain entry through your garage door.

If you want to find out more or are interested in any of the systems mentioned, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you.

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