Whether you’re lucky enough to be jet-setting away this summer or enjoying a staycation, we’ve got all the best tips to keep you, your family, and your home safe and secure.

Going away?

Summer is the time when many of us are spending time away from home, whether for a weekend or a two week annual vacation with the family. Whatever your plans, make sure you come back to find your home exactly as you left it.

Don’t advertise your holiday

Don't advertise the fact that you're out!

You may be excited about your holiday, but don’t advertise an empty house like this person did! Even posting on social media that you’re going away – by checking in on Facebook that you’re at the airport, for example – could be enough to indicate to potential home invaders that you intend to be gone for several days. Especially if your profile is set to public, try to avoid posting until you get back.

Ask neighbours or friends to check in every few days


If someone has a spare key to your home, ask them to check in a few times to make sure your alarm is still set and working, and to see that nothing has been touched. Give trusted neighbours your contact details and ask them if they would mind keeping an eye on your house for the duration of your holiday. That extra peace of mind that someone is watching out for your home may allow you to relax a bit more.

Invest in CCTV and watch your cameras from anywhere in the world


Many people only see the benefit of CCTV when it’s too late. Modern CCTV systems can be connected to smartphone apps which allow you to log in to see your cameras and check in from anywhere in the world (internet connection required). Then, if something odd were to catch your eye, you can contact a friend or family member to ask them to check it out for you.

Invest in a remote alarm system


Similar to new CCTV systems, the market now also offers burglar alarms that can connect to smartphone apps and can be controlled remotely. Set or unset your alarm from anywhere and get notified if the alarm activates. If you also have smart CCTV, you can then check your cameras and record any potential intruder.

Staying home?

For those staying and enjoying the British weather, we’ve also got some tips for you to make sure you have a safe and happy summer.

Be sensible with BBQs and fires


It’s a classic British tradition that when the weather hits above 15 degrees, we love a good BBQ! But it’s important to remember to practice fire safety measures when using them. Always check your BBQ’s instructions, never leave flames unattended, and never operate under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Many of us admit to drinking more when the sun is out but fire is a dangerous tool when handled incorrectly and could cause serious permanent damage.

Close windows at night or before leaving the house

Open window

It’s very tempting to leave windows open at night when the weather is nice. However, this provides the perfect, easy access that intruders look for. Especially if a window is on the ground floor or is easily accessed (such as having a porch underneath), keep it closed and use other methods of keeping cool such as lighter duvets, fans, and keeping curtains closed during the day to avoid the sun shining in.

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