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Protect your premises with the “Ring of Steel”

Ring of Steel

It’s that time of year again when we’re thinking about our summer holidays. Whether it’s an all-inclusive two week resort or a traditional staycation, the warm weather tends to bring out the happiness in all of us. However, this can also lead to neglect in home and property security that many homeowners and business owners […]

CCTV for businesses – a simple guide


Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) technology has been a part of the UK since the 1970s but many businesses still fail to install the latest systems, if they have one at all. Camera quality has vastly improved over the last few decades, resulting in high quality HD systems being a regular feature on the security market. But […]

A Break-In Can Occur In Less Than 10 Seconds – are you prepared?

A standard intruder can access your property in less than 10 seconds. Watch this video in real time to see just how easy it is for a burglar to enter your premises with only a standard lock fitted. A shocking 70% of British homes don’t have a burglar alarm fitted*, allowing a potential intruder the […]

Wireless Alarm Systems – the costs and benefits


A traditional wired alarm system is often installed after the premises has been built. This means that wires will either have to be routed through wall cavaties or run under floor boards or left exposed (typically around doorframes and skirting boards). Modern systems are introducing wireless technology to make your alarm system neat and tidy. […]

Which Type Of Intruder System Is Right For Me?

R-Security - Access Control

There are many types of intruder alarm systems available on the market. The type of system you decide upon will be based on a number of factors including the type of premises, usage, risk of break in, your expectations of the system, and your budget. Here’s a simple guide of the systems that R Security […]

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