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Comprehensive security solution to protect your home using the latest technology, installed by the experts.

Why choose The Enforcer V11.

Professional. Wireless. Secure.

The multi-award-winning Enforcer V11 offers a comprehensive security solution for any property,
thanks to its wide range of wired and wireless security and life safety peripherals.

Lightcam – the build in sensor offers constant all-round protection, while its HD camera captures footage of potential intruders.

Providing security with the next level of smart device application, HomeControl2.0 app delivers the ultimate peace of mind for any property owner.

DoorbellCam - Your Front Door at your fingertips whether your home or away.

CarDefender - Protect Your Possessions with a smart security system

Concerned about the safety of your home and car?

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In a world filled with uncertainties, securing your assets is paramount. Whether it’s the fear of a break-in at home or the worry of your car’s safety, the need for a reliable security solution is undeniable.

Consider the anxiety that arises when thinking about an intruder attempting to enter your home. Are your valuables adequately protected? Is a basic car alarm enough to deter potential thieves?

Your Peace of Mind, Simplified:
Don’t let worries about your home and car linger. R Security Alarms is your answer to reliable and straightforward security solutions. Choose R Security for peace of mind wherever life takes you.

Home-Control-Doorbell-Cam-with-friend-visiting-house R Security

Your Front Door at your fingertips

Receive real-time alerts from the front door straight to your mobile device and stay connected to home; never missing a visitor or delivery again.

DoorbellCam R Security Alarms
Home-Security-Home-Control-App-Family-Man R Security
Home Control 2.0 App

Protect Your Home & Loved Ones

Manage your home security system from anyway with full remote access.
Home-Security-Camera-with-delivery-man R Security
HomeControl2.0 R Security
Home-Security-Home-Control-App-with-Burglar R Security
Light-Camera-at-night-with-car-and-garage-R Security

Illuminate Potential Intruders

No matter where you are, you can watch live and recorded video from your smart device, as well as control your entire home security system.

LightCamera R Security
safe-home with R Security

Flexible Camera Placement

Ideal home surveillance solution – wireless and flexible for any placement, internal or external. It operates on the same platform as our doorbell and Enforcer, ensuring all your security solutions are easily accessible on one user-friendly app.

BatteryCam R Security
CarDefender on the wheel R Security

Protect Your Possessions

A versatile technology device ideal for vehicle security. Whether it’s cars, bikes, caravans, motor homes, boats, or anything within the range of the Enforcer control panel – this combined solution ensures comprehensive security right on your driveway.
CarDefender R Security

Great service, responsive and professional.

Simon Turton

Outstanding service and really friendly professional guys, highly recommended.

Michael Mckenna

A good local company that really cares about its customers. Their staff are friendly, professional, and respectful of people and property.

Georgia Heyes

The joy of dealing with a company that knows what it’s doing and cares. Moved over from ADT and never looked back. Great service and they respond quickly no fuss.

Sujoy Biswas

A real person answers the phone. The engineers are friendly and professional. They give clear pricing. Work completed from first contact to end in only 3 days. Highly recommended!

Christine Abbott

I called R Security and although I don’t have a contract with them, they sent an engineer out the same morning. He was great and identified the problem quickly and reset the system.

KTM Howie

I have used R Security for over 30 years, their service and professionalism have always been spot on. I would have no hesitation recommending them.

Andrew Globe

Excellent service, have been using R Security for over 20 years for my alarm maintenance and they have always been very professional in their approach & efficient in arranging maintenance visits & dealing with any problems that have occurred.

Anne Marie Parr

Protect, Monitor & Control your entire world with this one platform home security solution from R Security.

Key Features of our key products.

All-in-one two-way wireless control panel

Multi-award-winning Enforcer V11 control panel.

Full-HD video captures clear images day and night

Doorbell Camera

Smart Home

Ideal home surveillance solution

Defend Your Car

A combined technology device recommended for vehicle security.

For complete peace of mind to protect your property and loved ones... Get in contact with our home security experts here at R Security Alarms.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Who are we?

R Security Alarms is an NSI Gold accredited company based in Liverpool that has been providing good old fashioned personal service to the people and businesses in and around Merseyside and the North West since 1969. However, there is nothing dated in the systems we install. From the latest smart intruder alarms to our networked CCTV, access control and fire alarm systems we keep up to date with the latest technology.

Our security systems have a proven track record of reliability. We use advanced technology and conduct regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. You can check customer reviews to see our consistent record of reliability.

Our system includes a range of devices such as cameras, movement sensors, door/window contacts, shock sensors, heat detectors, CO2 detectors and video doorbells. We tailor the system to meet your specific needs and provide comprehensive coverage for your home.

Our security systems are designed with user-friendliness in mind. We offer intuitive interfaces and mobile apps for easy control. Our team provides thorough training to ensure you feel confident in using and managing the system.
Our systems come with battery backup to ensure functionality during power outages. Additionally, our monitoring services are equipped to handle any system failures and will promptly address issues.

We regularly update our software to enhance security features and address any vulnerabilities. Routine maintenance checks are conducted to British standards requirements relevant to the type of system to ensure all components are in optimal working condition. At R Security Alarms we don’t just install and maintain burglar alarms, we install, maintain and repair fire alarms, CCTV systems, access control, intercoms and disabled refuge call systems. Give us a call on 0151 727 6699 or message via WhatsApp on +447515098565.

Yes, our security systems are highly customisable. Our experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your home and customise the system to provide the best possible coverage, taking into account the layout and specific security needs and also your insurance company requirements.
We offer 24/7 professional monitoring services. In case of an alarm trigger, our monitoring centre is immediately notified, and they will contact you and emergency services if necessary. We provide both cellular and internet connectivity options for added reliability.

Every system we install is designed to meet the individual customer requirements and so one price doesn’t fit all. However, our pricing is always transparent as are any upfront costs. Our monthly fees cover monitoring, maintenance, and any necessary software updates. We provide a detailed breakdown of all costs during the consultation period.

Yes, we offer a comprehensive 12 month warranty for our security systems. Our team is committed to ensuring the ongoing functionality of your system, and we provide prompt support in the rare event of any issues. We also offer ongoing maintenance contracts to ensure your system continues to stay in tip top condition. 

At R Security Alarms we can carry out repairs to most systems. Our contracted customers receive a priority service and also benefit from greatly reduced rates, however we will be happy to come out and repair your system , even if you don’t have a contract with us. Give us a call on 0151 727 6699 or message via WhatsApp on +44 7515 098 565.

R Security Alarms takes your personal data seriously. We will never use your data for anything other than the permissions granted by you and we promise to never pass on or sell your data to external companies. The only exception is if this were necessary in order to complete the services requested by you (such as giving your address and contact details to our monitoring station) and we will only disclose the minimal amount of data required to complete your request. To find out more about our privacy policy and what we do with your data once it has been given to us, click here.

We at R Security Alarms provide services including installation and maintenance of systems. Should you wish to simply take out a maintenance contract with us, our team in the office will be more than happy to assist you. To contact our office, visit our Contact Us page.

False alarms can occur for a number of reasons. It can be a very simple issue for our engineers to resolve. Should this become something that occurs to you, contact our office and we will arrange for an engineer to come out and resolve the problem. To contact our office, visit our Contact Us page.

Traditional wired systems cannot be relocated as they require cabling to all system parts around the premises. Modern wireless systems however are easier to remove and can typically be transferred into your new premises with you. If you are moving and would like advice about your security system options please contact our office on 0151 727 6699 for a chat with one of our experts.

24/7 Monitoring for complete peace of mind

Installed & maintained by expert engineers

Protecting properties since 1969

NSI accredited home security, business security and fire safety service provider.

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Find the right home security solution.

Provide a few short answers to some key questions to help ensure we guide you regarding the best solution that fits your needs and budget.
What is your main security concern?

What is your Property Type?
What is your Property Size?
How many External Doors do you have?
Which County is the property in?

Which Types Of Protection are you interested in?
Which Services are you interested in?
Which Products are you interested in?

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