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Design for Print & Digital Products

PPM Print know that brand consistency is key to a good business model and that personal projects are just that… personal! Aside from PPM Prints print expertise, they are unique in being able to offer a bespoke design service while designing with the end product in mind. PPM Print get to know the business and project they are working with to be able to come up with a final design that will be perfectly customised to get the best results.

Printed Products

PPM provide a huge range of printed products and services with a 24 hour turn around. PPM Prints products range from business cards, business stationery (including letterheads and compliment slips), leaflets and flyers through to point of sale and promotional printing.

PPM also provide a premium quality, affordable, bespoke printing service. PPM Print have wealth of knowledge and experience that will get your fully customised project printed in the fastest possible time. Whether it’s a simple flyer, intricate brochure or unique promotional item, their bespoke printing expertise can be tailored to your exact requirements. They take great pride in a challenge and they’ll surpass your expectations every time.

Document Print

Home document print doesn’t mean free document print. If you haven’t had the experience of buying printer inks yet then ask someone who has; they’ll tell you how expensive they can be. In fact a standard branded ink cartridge can cost easily more than £2000 per litre. It quickly becomes cheaper to outsource your job to your local print shop or an online document printing service.

Not only can a professional document printing service make it cheaper for you, but they’ve got industry standard equipment which makes your document look high quality and professional. Your home inkjet printer, while it may be good for some jobs, simply cannot compete with the machines used in industry.

PPM Print offer different types of document print which include (but are not limited to) A5 document print, A4 document print, A3 document print, bound document print or unbound document print. A5, A4 and A3 refer to the paper size that the document will be printed on. A4 is the standard size that you will see in most workplaces or at home. A3 is larger and is commonly used for plans and large drawings. The different types of document print also include various types of bound printing. Bound document printing just means one of the many ways that loose sheets can be connected to each other.

Website Design, SEO & Marketing Campaigns

Inspiring web design is essential to your company’s success.

A web site has less than 60 seconds to capture the attention of potential clients. An unprofessional web site may appear untrustworthy and can repel potential customers from your site into the hands of a competitor. As connection speeds increase, by the day it seems, and as clients become more tech savvy and trustful of a company that builds something that you cannot physically touch, then so the importance of a good online web presence is realized.

Our design team are an experienced, passionate and highly motivated bunch. We deliver creative design solutions to our clients that consistently fulfill their objectives.

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