Protection Against Disruption

As a business owner, you work hard to grow your business and it
takes every spare minute of your time. At R Security Alarms, we understand the damaging
consequence crime can have. Whatever form the crime takes – break in, shoplifting, vandalism orarmed robbery – it will have both a financial and emotional cost. Since 1969, R Security Alarms have been providing peace of mind to business owners. By talking to our customers and getting to know them, we can advise on the type and level of security they require to keep the business and staff safe. Because we are an NSI Gold Accredited company, you can be assured that you are dealing with a professional company. It will also give your insurance company peace of mind too.

Intruder Alarms

When it comes to crime, the presence of a bell box outside your premises is a great deterrent against the opportunist thief. However, the professional burglar will take great time to study your premises and find out more about your system. R Security Alarms are an NSI Gold Accredited company and therefore we are qualified to carry out a complete survey of your premises and design an intruder alarm to suit your requirements.


Modern CCTV systems offer a great deal more than giving a visual deterrent. The latest HD CCTV systems installed by R Security Alarms provide much more.
The latest IP systems can be viewed on most smart devices via a secure app from anywhere in the world provided internet coverage is available, allowing you to check on your staff and premises at any time. This also benefits your key-holders by allowing them to view your property from the safety of their home before attending should the intruder or fire alarm activate. R Security Alarms understand that a CCTV system is an investment made by your company to protect property and staff. If there is a problem with your system, it is usually only detected after the event. By connecting your CCTV system to our monitoring station, we can remotely check that your system is in full working order every hour of the day and report issues which may affect the performance of your system. We can also email you with daily status reports, providing you with peace of mind that your system is in full working order.
Combining CCTV monitoring with intruder and fire alarm monitoring enables our monitoring station to quickly connect to the CCTV system on any alarm activation, allowing quick visual checks of the premises to take place before taking the appropriate action.We can also provide regular virtual patrols of your premises. This can replace the additional cost of
mobile-manned security patrols at the premises. This will be an attractive options for groups of commercial units in often remote industrial estates.For the last few years, large retail companies have been using the latest analytics software to monitor the movement of their customers throughout the store, enabling store owners to analyse: direction of movement around the store, time spent considering specific displays, most attractive products/displays
amongst others. All this information is essential to retailers for business development and when deciding where to site promotions and analyse which space is most popular in viewing aspects.Due to the advancement of technology, these systems now fall within the budget of smaller retail stores, giving them the same benefits as the large national companies.
In addition to reducing crime, all the HD CCTV systems that we install – including basic systems – now offer high quality recording, protecting business owners from fraudulent insurance claims by both staff and customers claiming for premises-related injuries.

Fire Alarms

The destruction caused by fire is devasting. Not only does it destroy property but it also claims lives. Early detection of a potential fire is essential in reducing the risk and putting out the fire before it becomes established. At R Security Alarms, we install the latest fire alarms on the market, providing early smoke and fire detection 24/7. By connecting your system to our monitoring station, we can provide you with peace of mind that our monitoring station will be contacted immediately and will take the appropriate action should your system activate out of hours.

Access Control

Modern access control systems provide much more than protecting staff and property from opportunist thieves. They can monitor who is in your premises at any given time, providing vital information if you need to evacuate the building for any reason. They can also be used as time and attendance systems which could link in to your company’s payroll software and even link in to vending machines, creating a cash-free environment. At R Security Alarms, we can design and install access control systems to meet every requirement, from single door intercom systems to computer-controlled multidoor systems which link in to your CCTV and intruder alarm.