Access Control

Access control systems designed and installed by R Security Alarms ensure that you can feel confident that your premises and staff are securely protected. Access control allows you to control the flow of staff, visitors, and customers with ease, giving you peace of mind that no unauthorised personnel can gain entry to restricted areas.

Commercial premises benefit from access control by preventing access to the public into restricted areas such as staff rooms and stock areas. By allowing staff-only sections, you can feel assured that your property will be safe from thieves and your staff can be protected should they need to be away from customers for any reason (such as armed robbers).

Schools and other educational facilities are more commonly making use of access control systems for their students and staff. It is becoming more regular for classrooms, store rooms, and staff areas to be controlled by key cards so that each student only has access to the areas that they should be in at certain times of the day. You can control the access of each individual student as well as your staff members to ensure that no person enters any prohibited areas.

Not only can access control allow you to control the flow of staff, it also gives you an insight into their work hours. Access control systems can be used as a modern clock-in-clock-out system. By having employees swipe their cards at the main entrance in the morning and when leaving at night, you are able to see accurately when staff are on duty and what hours they have worked.

This also has the added benefit of being used as a fire roll call register. Should an emergency evacuation take place, access control systems installed by R Security Alarms can give you a live list of who has swiped into the building, making roll calls quicker and safer.

With advancing technology. it’s not just key cards and codes that are used to gain access to the premises. Some systems can be installed with a fingerprint scanner. This type of system can be beneficial for a number of reasons. The main benefit of this system is that cards cannot be lost/stolen and codes cannot be given away. Another practical use where staff may not be able to carry cards (such as when entering an operating theatre, etc).

Our system are installed by fully qualified engineers who are trained in installing your new system to your premises’ unique needs. Once the access control is installed, you will be trained on how to manage the flow of people as well as being placed in charge of personally allocating codes/keys to relevant personnel. This allows you to feel confident that access will be restricted to any unwanted visitors.