Intruder Alarms

When it comes to crime, the presence of a bell box outside your premises is a great deterrent against the opportunist thief, especially the latest illuminated bell boxes installed by R Security Alarms. However, the professional burglar will take the time to study your premises and find out more about your property, daily activities, and security system.

At R Security Alarms, we are an NSI Gold accredited company and are fully qualified to carry out a security risk assessment of your premises. This will assist us in designing an intruder alarm to suit your own and your insurance company’s requirements.

Which system is right for me?

There are many varying levels of intruder system that we can install to suit all types of properties and budget and our staff are able to recommend the best type of system for you should you need any assistance.

A bells only system installed by R Security Alarms is the perfect low budget option offering basic protection. The system consists of motion sensors, door contacts, and sounders. The sounders make a loud noise if the system activates, a bells only system is the classic solution to deter the opportunist thief.

Speech Dialler burglar alarms work in a similar way to a bells only system with the added feature of having an automatic dialler fitted. The speech dialler will call a pre-selected number and play a recorded message should your alarm activate. The system connects to your landline or, for added security, you can have a GSM dialler installed which uses the mobile phone network.

Modern technology is rapidly evolving and R Security Alarms are keen to follow this trend. The latest systems can use smart phone apps to control your burglar alarm. Not only can you remotely turn your system on and off, check the status of your system, and view the history, they can also send notifications to your mobile phone if your alarm activates. They will even inform you which device(s) have been activated.

Having a fully monitored burglar alarm installed by R Security Alarms is a great way to ensure that your property is monitored 24/7. Our secure monitoring station is manned by fully-screened professionals so you don’t need to worry about missing a call. If your alarm activates, our secure monitoring station will be notified immediately and our fully-trained operators will take the necessary action. Because we are an NSI Gold accredited company, we design and install our systems to the latest standards, allowing your monitored system to obtain a police Unique Reference Number which enables use to pass any confirmed activation direct to the police.